100 years of Avebe; a moment to look back. Although history plays an important role this year, Avebe employees are also working on the future. Even employees who have only just started. We introduce you
to two new Avebe colleagues.

100 years of Avebe; a moment to look back. Although history plays an important role this year, Avebe employees are also working on the future. Even employees who have only just started. We introduce you
to two new Avebe colleagues.

Rolf Tammenga


‘I started as Agro account manager Germany in September. When I was a boy my father had a farm with my uncle and we delivered potatoes to Avebe. That’s how far back my connection to the cooperative goes. I’m also from Ter Apel, close to the German border, so Avebe was never far away.’

‘Avebe has always attracted me, especially since the company took a new direction with the development of proteins after 2005. I’d applied for the position of account manager last year, but just didn’t make it. When another position opened up I didn’t hesitate for a moment and applied again. It wasn’t until later that it became clear that this was a position in Germany. If anything, that made the job even more attractive to me. I always enjoy a challenge.’

Exciting first period
‘Why did I choose Avebe? Because the Agro team is close to the farmer. That’s what I like. That’s something I missed in my last job. For that job, I worked for a supplier of agricultural tires. At that time I was mainly in contact with manufacturers and mechanisation companies. I look forward to advising the growers and working with them to optimise their crops. Of course the first period will be exciting. I still have
a lot to learn about the different varieties. I already know a fair bit about it, but there’s always more to learn. Giving advice in German also takes some getting used to. In my previous job I also used German, but I still have to master specific agricultural terms. It feels a bit like a leap in the dark, but I’m sure my colleagues will support me where necessary.’

Listening carefully
‘I hope I can speak the language of the German farmer. I don’t only mean literally the language, but also that my advice is in line with the German philosophy, mentality and regulations. The most important thing is to listen carefully. People mainly want to tell their own story. By talking to each other, you often come up with solutions. I like to think in terms of solutions rather than problems.’  

Rémon Remmers


‘I’m not really new to Avebe. On July 1, 2019, I joined Avebe as a permanent employee, before that I had been seconded to Avebe for almost a year and a half. A vacancy came up in the IT department and I was asked if I wanted to fill it. That wasn’t a difficult decision for me. I said yes, of course. I already enjoyed working at the IT helpdesk.’

Major challenges
‘My job is highly varied. We start at 8 o’clock in the morning and the phone never stops ringing after that. We spend all day solving minor and larger problems. There are sometimes big challenges, like if a network connection has failed. Of course that’s very annoying for the colleagues, but actually quite fun for us. We’re really challenged to look into things ourselves and find solutions.’

‘The contact with colleagues is very good. I get along well with everyone in the department. A nice aspect of my work is that I have contact with many different colleagues both here and abroad. Of course, this contact is usually by phone or email, but I’ve also been to a number of Avebe locations abroad. Germany, Sweden and most recently even in Singapore. I thought it was really great that I could go there.’

‘Before I joined Avebe, I had no idea how big the organisation is. I’m from East Groningen myself, so of course I had heard of Avebe. Friends of mine even worked at an Avebe production site. It wasn’t until I came here that I noticed it: Avebe is not only here in Groningen, but all over the world! I’m also gradually learning more about Avebe’s products. That goes far beyond potato starch. Still, you hear less about these applications when you’re in the IT department.’

Good employer
‘I’m glad I’ve been given the opportunity to join Avebe on a permanent basis. It’s a good company, with nice colleagues. There’s plenty of room for training and initiative.’




Avebe is a cooperative of starch-potato growers focused on the market. Traditionally we only focused on extracting starch from potatoes. However, by developing innovative methods we now also extract proteins from potatoes that are intended for the food industry. But there is more…. To us a potato is a source of opportunities with even more ingredients that can be turned into value. In other words, if it’s in there, we’ll extract it!