It's becoming a tradition: since 2016, the Avebe women's team has been showing up at the starting line of the Ladiesrun in Groningen. Stevina Stoter, Application Technologist at Avebe is a first time member: 'For two years in a row we've raised a nice amount for Pink Ribbon and we're proud of that. The initiative for our taking part in the Ladiesrun came from Rowan Jans, Facility Manager at Avebe. She's known as Avebe's fastest female runner and also does a lot of running in her spare time. There was plenty of enthusiasm from the start, also among the management. If we want to place a recruitment text on the presentation screens throughout Avebe, this is always arranged quickly, for example. Also, on both occasions, Avebe has doubled the amount collected for sponsorship. Fifteen people are taking part this year. The women are from different departments and are of all ages. Young women in their early twenties, but also women in their fifties. It's a nice mixed group. In addition to the Ladiesrun, Avebe teams also take part in other sports events, such as the Groningen 4 Mile Run. That's a good thing. Not only for the team building and charity aspect in the case of the Ladiesrun, but also for our own health. Last year, Avebe was singled out as Groningen's most energetic company. And we want to keep it that way!


Avebe is a cooperative of starch-potato growers focused on the market. Traditionally we only focused on extracting starch from potatoes. However, by developing innovative methods we now also extract proteins from potatoes that are intended for the food industry. But there is more…. To us a potato is a source of opportunities with even more ingredients that can be turned into value. In other words, if it’s in there, we’ll extract it!